GMs looking far into the future

Prospects were very popular today. Eight of 31 picks made today were players who have promising careers but, according to Websim rules, not a game of experience yet.  Paris and Bern each picked two prospects in the 15thround, Paris claiming

Jaden Schwartz, Paris

Ryan Ellis, Paris

Ryan Ellis and Jaden Schwartz, and Bern securing Evgeni Kuznetsov and Mika Zibanejad.  If Kuznetsov plays in the KHL, as he said he will, then Bern will get a seasoned player when he eventually enters the NHL.  The danger with drafting prospects is that their NHL team will rush them into the lineup, play them sparingly, and by the time they have 40 games in, they only have a couple of points. In such cases, their Websim attributes are not good at all. Take the other Bern boy, Zidanejad. He’s got mad skills and he proved in the World Juniors he’s a clutch player. But he managed just an assist and was a minus 3 in his 9-game stint with Ottawa this season.  At that rate, he won’t be worth much  in Websim. Nino Neidereitter is the best example. He has a lot of potential, but because the talent-shallow Islanders played him so much so early, he wound up with 1 point in 55 games and was a minus 29. You can’t start a career much worse than that. Even so, Websim has him with a 76 PO rating, so he’ll find a job in the EURO.

Then there is the quality of the NHL team to consider. Look at Ryan Strome. He might be good enough to be a starter with the Islanders. Does that improve his chances to be a Websim star sooner?  If he can get some time  with John Tavares or Matt Moulson, you betcha. But if he plays 7 minutes a game with David Ullstrom and Niederreiter, he might be average at best.

Other prospects that were picked today include Emerson Etem (Frankfurt), Stefan  Elliott (Minsk), Nazem Kadri (Athens), Ryan Strome (Zurich) and Jakob Silfverberg (Helsinki).

In Round 15, we had a Smith and two Jones picked. Zack Smith will bang some bodies while wearing a Helsinki uniform, sharpshooter David Jones will play in Moscow, and underrated Ryan Jones will be in Gothenburg.

In Round 16, Stockholm and Berlin grabbed backup goalies, and through 14 picks, not a single defenseman’s name was called.


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