All-Star uniforms, skill hopefuls announced

The EURO League today unveiled the uniforms that will be worn in this weekend’s all-star game. Officials also named the representatives of each of the 24 teams who will take part in the skills competition the day before the game.

General managers voted in Bratislava, Slovakia, as the host city for the all-star game. The Eagles’ team colors (red, blue and white), as well as the league logo (European Union) colors of blue and gold were incorporated into the jersey design that features the league logo on the chest with the conference name either above (for the Northern Conference) or below (Southern) the logo. The shoulders and arms are simple, just one-color piping all the way down the arm, with the all-star game logo and the host team’s country flag placed as patches near the bottom of each sleeve. The home team will wear white, which is the opposite of what teams wear during the regular EURO League season, but only because the designer forgot to check to see which conference was the home team for the game.  Authentic and replica jerseys will be for sale at the game, in the league office in Vienna, and online on several of Europe’s top retail companies’ web sites.

In the skills competition, bragging rights will be up for grabs in three categories: fastest skater, hardest shot and most accurate shooter. Each team held in-house competitions to determine who would be sent to Bratislava. Some players will compete in two categories, and in one case, a player will represent his team in all three competitions. James Neal was the best Edinburgh Capital in all three events. He is not considered a favorite to leave Bratislava with an event crown, however. The accompanying chart shows who will compete in each event, with their Websim ratings in the column next to their names. The speed rating (SP) was the only one considered for the fastest skater title, while strength and shooting ratings were averaged for the hardest shot competition and three ratings – shooting, passing and finesse – were averaged for most accurate shooter. The ratings will be multiplied by a randomly-generated number between 90 and 100 which represents the effort the player puts in during the competition as well as the plain old luck he has or doesn’t have. The highest totals win. The commissioner tested the 90-100 range a few times and is satisfied with the results. A narrower range of 95-100 was too predictable and left no chance for anyone outside the top 3 or 4 to make their way to the top of the score list.

Click image for larger version.


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