Introducing … The EURO Cup

euro cupVIENNA , Austria – (Feb. 7, 2013) EURO Hockey League officials have unveiled the trophy the teams have been fighting for.

The EURO Cup is intended to be a blending of the histories and cultures of the dozen-and-a-half countries and nationalities that have teams in the league. The 35-inch tall, 22-pound trophy is made of silver and nickel alloy and it includes ornate handles on two sides and castle battlements forming a circle near the top. On the crest is a generic European noble man/educator/scientist holding a hockey stick.  The EURO League logo is displayed prominently in the central part of the statue.

designing the cup

Early in the process, designers focused on the league logo, the battlements and the figure to go on top.

Each season, the winning team’s name will be engraved on a portion of the cup. There are spaces for engravings along the top battlement and in the shields that go around the base of the trophy. Sections will be added to the base when there is no more space to add team names and years. While the NHL’s Stanley Cup has included individual players’ names since the 1924-25 season, the EURO  Cup will not. Only team names will go on it.

Officials also announced a slogan that will dominate billboards and television commercials throughout Europe. The phrase “Who Wants It More?” will appear in conjunction with images of the Cup to build interest in the Cup Finals later this month.


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