How the Finalists were built

Right Stuff CopenhagenHere’s a look at how the two teams challenging for the first EURO Cup were constructed. The most obvious similarity is that both drafted a goalie in the first round. They were also active traders during the draft to fill up their top spots quicker.


General manager: Ryan Jones

This team definitely gambled away its future for the present and is winning the gamble. It dealt all 6 of its picks in the next two drafts to fill out its roster with capable veterans. Money was used to balance trades that needed a little extra push to materialize.

In the first 7 rounds of the initial draft, Geneva appeared to be eyeing the season 1 Cup, filling out its starting lineup except for LW. But by picking a youngster who has better years ahead of him in Michael Del Zotto, they needed  a veteran who could play on the first pairing. They addressed both needs through trades.

Top 7 draft picks (Team picked 4th in odd-numbered rounds, 21st in even-numbered rounds): Lehtonen (G); Marleau (C), Del Zotto (D), Gaborik (RW), Lidstrom (D), Fisher (C),  Selanne (RW) then with traded-for picks in the 7th, Wideman (D) and Kunitz (LW).

Trades made:

To acquire the seventh-round pick to get Wideman, Geneva gave Paris its first round pick in 2013, a 15th round pick (ended up being Ryan Ellis) and a 25th round pick (Ben Lovejoy)

To acquire the seventh-round pick to get Kunitz and a 22nd round pick (Bryan Allen) and $250,000, Geneva gave Dublin its second-round pick in 2013 and two picks in the initial draft: 8th round (Olli Jokinen) and 10th round (Petr Sykora)

To acquire the eighth-round pick to get Desharnais and a 19th rounder (Zanon), Geneva gave Bratislava its first-round pick in the 2014 draft and its 17th round pick in the initial draft (Tomas Kopecky).

To acquire the ninth-round pick to get Foligno, Geneva gave Athens its 13th and 14th round picks (Marcus Kruger and Mark Scheifele).

To acquire veteran depth and Vernon Fiddler at center, along with $1 million, Geneva gave Minsk prospect RW Alex Chiasson.

To acquire the 21st round pick (fourth line LW Torres), Geneva gave Minsk prospect D Brian Doumolin.

To fill in the third line RW spot, Geneva acquired Justin Williams from Oslo for its second-round pick in 2014, Matt D’Agostini and $250,000.

To get capable backup goalie Niclas Backstrom, Geneva gave Bern its remaining picks in the next two drafts – both being third round picks – and $1.5 million

Free agents and waiver wire pickups: Adam McQuaid (D) from Athens, Jeff Woywitka (D) from Milan, Scott Upshall (LW) from Minsk

Waived and lost: Steve Bernier (RW) to Milan, Bryan Allen (D) to Frankfurt. Bernier had played 45 games for the Generals but had only 3 points. Allen, who was the first player in the  EURO League who was picked up on waivers, played 4 games for Geneva and then 74 for Frankfurt, scoring 21 points and accumulating 225 hits, which was 12th most in the league.

Here’s who is in the playoff lineup and how they were acquired: *draft pick acquired in a trade

First line: Marleau (drafted – round 2); Gaborik (drafted – round 4); Kunitz (drafted – round 7*)

Second line: Fisher (drafted – round 6); Selanne (drafted – round 7) ; Malone (drafted – round 19);

Third line: Desharnais (drafted – round 8*); Foligno (drafted – round 9*); Williams (trade with Oslo)

Fourth line: Helm (drafted – round 12); Hall (drafted – round 24); Torres (drafted – round 21*);

Defensemen: Lidstrom (drafted – round 5); Wideman (drafted – round 7*); Stuart (drafted – round 11); Del Zotto (drafted – round 3); Weaver (drafted – round 9); Zanon (drafted – round 19*);

Goalies: Lehtonen (drafted – round 1); Backstrom (trade with Bern)

Dealing with injuries: Geneva has lost 114 man games due to injuries. Thirteen players have spent time on the disabled list this season. The longest stays were  Gervais (18 games) and Desharnais (17). Malone, Lidstrom and  Stuart have each been injured on three separate occasions with Malone missing 22 games total, Lidstrom missing 19 games and Stuart missing 13 and counting.

The future: Not as bright as the present. No picks in the next two drafts, no prospects on the roster, and 13 free agents whose contracts expire after these playoffs. The team is tight to the salary cap when the starters are healthy. Del Zotto is locked in for 3 more seasons, but most of the D–men will be fielding contract offers this off season.  Lidstrom (age 41), Stuart and Zanon are Type 3 players while Wideman is more likely to stay a General as a Type 2 contract player. Other type 3 free agents are Selanne (age 41) and Backstrom.


General manager: Dylan Callow

Copenhagen was built mainly through the draft, and then without a round 3 pick. The Tridents traded away that pick for two later-round picks, but by the end of the eighth round, they had a starting goalie, a top forward line, 3 good defensemen and second line winger Andrew Ladd.

The team is a good mix of young and old and has a good foundation that should challenge for the Cup every year in the foreseeable future.

Top 7 draft picks (Team picked 20th in odd-numbered rounds, 5th in even-numbered rounds):  Luongo (G), Shattenkirk (D),  No pick in Round 3, Sutter (C),  Weiss  (C) with a traded-for pick, Ladd (LW) with a traded-for pick, Heatley (LW),  Goligoski (D) with a traded-for pick.

Trades made:

Traded away its 3rd round pick for two picks – in rounds 5 and 7 – that turned out to be Ladd and Goligoski. Oslo used Copenhagen’s round 3 pick to select goalie Jimmy Howard. Brad Richards, Eric Staal, David Backes and Ilya Kovalchuk were still available at the time in case Copenhagen would have been leaning toward a forward. Also available were young defense studs Cam Fowler and John Carlson. Had the Tridents decided on one of those two to be paired with Shattenkirk long-term, the team might have gone in a completely different direction.

To acquire the round 4 pick to acquire Weiss, Copenhagen gave Helsinki its round 5 pick (ended up being Paul Stastny) and its round 12 pick (Marc Staal).

Traded Alex Burrows, who they drafted in Round 7, to Oslo for a round 8 pick (Andrej Meszaros) and a round 12 pick (Boyd Gordon).

Free agents and waiver wire pickups: Keith Ballard and Henrik Tallinder, both signed as free agents.

Waived and lost: None

Here’s who is in the playoff lineup and how they were acquired: *draft pick acquired in a trade

First line:  Weiss (drafted – round 4*); Purcell (drafted – round 8); Heatley (drafted – round 6)

Second line: Roy (drafted – round 9); Ladd (drafted – round 5*); Brouwer (drafted – round 10);

Third line: Sutter (drafted – round 4); Langenbrunner  (drafted – round 16);  Greening (drafted – round 11);

Fourth line: Gordon (drafted – round 12*); Powe (drafted – round 20);  Pyatt, Taylor (drafted – round 18)

Defensemen: Shattenkirk (drafted – round 2); Meszaros (drafted – round 8*); Goligoski (drafted – round 7*); Pitkanen (drafted – round 15); Tyutin (drafted – round 13); Gunnarsson (drafted – round 14); Ballard (free agent);  Tallinder (free agent)

Goalies: Luongo (drafted – round 1); Hiller (drafted – round 21)

Dealing with injuries: Copenhagen  has lost 80 man games due to injuries. Thirteen players spent some time on the injury list, with Tyutin sitting out 16 straight games during the season and Roy missing 11 consecutive games. Tyutin is also currently injured. Luongo was injured three times for 3-, 4- and 5-game stretches.

The future:  They will be back challenging for the Cup again next year. The core of the team is intact for another year, with the defense and goalies locked in for another 2 to 4 seasons after this one ends. The only players who could be lost to free agency are Langenbrunner (age 36) and 6 players who are spare parts or fourth-liners. The team has all of its own draft picks and two prospects: forward Charlie Coyle who has played 7 games with the Minnesota Wild this season  and defenseman Ryan Murphy, who has played 4 games with Carolina in the NHL.


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