Who is ‘due’ to get on the scoresheet?

With Bryan Little and Zach Parise on his wings, Ryan Getzlaf of Prague is off and running with the lead in the EURO scoring race. Four goals and 22 assists have him with 26 points through 15 games. He is 3 points ahead of Oslo center Pavel Datsyuk and 4 ahead of a pack of three players from other teams.

So we know Getzlaf – at least to this point in the season – is the best at scoring. But who is having the toughest time getting his name onto the scoresheet  for his offensive work?

Defensive defensemen can be excused for not recording a point yet through 15 games of the season. So rookie Daniel Fernholm of Helsinki might have a valid excuse. Perhaps we can even take veterans Victor Hedman of Belfast and Fyodor Tyutin of Copenhagen off the hook despite the likelihood their coaches probably expected more from them. Tyutin scored 24 points in 73 games last season, and Hedman racked up 22 in 71 games. Maybe they are concentrating on their defensive roles before they start churning out the offense.

But there are six forwards who haven’t yet chipped in with a point through the 15 games in which they’ve played. In their defense, they are seeing only 5 minutes of ice time or less per game. Below are the forwards who have played 15 games and have yet to score a point. Two of them are linemates.

  • Madrid has Radek Dvorak, age 35, and Max Lapierre, 27, on the dubious list. The two play on a line with Brandon Prust who is out in front of them in the line scoring race with 1 goal. Last season, Dvorak had 23 points in 71 games for Gothenburg. Lapierre played in 73 games last year for the Royals and recorded 21 points.
  • Craig Smith, 23, of Stockholm scored 6 points in 49 games for Stockholm in season 1.
  • Cory Emmerton, 24, of Dublin. He had 6 points in 18 games last season.
  • Milan’s Mikkel Boedker, 23, played 79 games for Helsinki last year and recorded 18 points.
  • Edinburgh’s Eric Wellwood, 29, is probably the most surprising of the bunch because he is a third-line player who was able to score 17 goals and 40 points last season for the Capitals. This season, one of his linemates, Daniel Winnick, has 8 points while their center, Lauri Korpikoski has 2.

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