All-Star Voting: The Right Wings

It’s time to look at the candidates for the all-star game which will be held in London by virtue of a vote by the GMs.

The Right Wings

To vote, send a message to the commissioner listing your top 3 choices at each position (5 for defensemen) listed in order. For example: “Northern Conference center: 1-Smith, 2-Jones, 3-Watson. Southern Conference center: 1-Williams, 2-Jefferson, 3-Pzyczwewski” Send all positions together or separately, whatever is easiest. Your selections don’t have to be off the ballots listed below, they can be “write-in” votes for players not listed below.

The top choice will receive 5 points, the second 3 and the third 1 point. GMs can’t vote for anyone on their team. If you do, the vote won’t be counted.

Voting deadline: Noon (EST), Monday June 24

This ballot is simply the Statistics list off the WSH site, broken into conferences.

Northern Conference


Southern Conference



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