Quick Hits around the EURO League

A few quick observations about life in the EURO league as you scan your organizational roster for Johanssons.

Bern Notice – Johan Franzen and Andy McDonald scored 3 points each Monday to lead Bern over Edinburgh and today both are out of the lineup with injuries and illness. Pascal Dupuis is the only member of the Bears’ second line left standing. Bern has today and Wednesday off before facing Gothenburg and London. The veteran forwards should be ready three days after the London game for the rare two games in two nights in one city. The Bears will be in Frankfurt for two games on successive nights.

Still identical – If you look down the individual scoring list, you will see than Daniel Sedin of Oslo and Henrik Sedin of Milan both have 22 points.

Line Brawl? – Bratislava coach Bruce Boudreau seems to be goading John Tortorella, coach of the Greeks. Bratislava’s next game is against Athens and Boudreau has called up tough guys Cam Jansen and Antoine Roussel for the game, putting them on either side of Patrick Kaleta, who has never played center for the Eagles before. Boudreau said he is toying with the idea of having the goon line take the opening faceoff.

Trivia – Name the only player in the league who has scored a point in every game he has played. (Not including Theo Peckham of Athens, Chris Butler of Prague and Vern Fiddler of Geneva, who have played only one game each). Answer will appear here tonight.


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