Season 3 saw 13 records fall

The third Season of EURO League action saw 13 records fall. Four team records and 9 individual records were set.

Team records

  • Paris scored more goals than any team has in the history of the league (335 – old record: 327, Geneva, Season 1)
  • Helsinki set a record for best penalty-killing percentage (87.3 percent – old record: Gothenburg, 86.6, Season 1). That’s good for them, because they also set the record for Highest Penalty Minute Average. (15.88 per game – old record: 14.78, Oslo, Season 2)
  • London set a record for Worst penalty-killing percentage (75.7 – old record: 76.4, Frankfurt, Season 1)

Individual records

This was the first year Shea Weber did not set a record. In fact, both of his records were wiped out. In addition, 2 players broke records that they themselves set last season.

  • Most short-handed goals in a season – Jonathan Toews of Bratislava scored 10  (old record: 8, Toews, Bratislava, Season 2)
  •  Most giveaways in a season – Paul Stastny, Helsinki, 158 (old record: 153, Stastny, Helsinki, Season 2)
  • Best Plus/Minus rating in a season – Ossi Vaananen, Paris, +52 (old record: +45, Shea Weber, Oslo, Season 1)
  • Most hits in a season – Brent Seabrook, Bern, 312 (old record: 307, Shea Weber, Oslo, Season 2)
  • Most penalty minutes – David Backes, Athens, 177 (old record: 175 Staffan Kronwall, Athens, Season 2)
  • Most powerplay goals – Eric Staal, Gothenburg, 26 (old record: 25, Bobby Ryan, Dublin, Season 2)
  • Best Shooting percentage – Sidney Crosby, Belfast, 21.3 percent (old record: 20.4 percent, Bobby Ryan, Dublin, Season 2)
  • Best Faceoff percentage – tied record – Joe Pavelski, Madrid, 60.1 percent (old record: 60.1 percent, Patrice Bergeron, Zurich, Season 2) Pavelski won 1,501 faceoffs, Bergeron won 1,475.
  • Most fights –ties record- Micki Dupont, Zurich, 9 fights, 4 wins; and Maxim Chudinov, Minsk, 9 fights and 0 wins.




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