Team Profile: Bern Bears

GM: Randy Rock  (5th GM in team’s history)

Coach: Mike Babcock



Last season: 14th overall

Ins and Outs (Season 3 to Season 4)

Out: Mike Cammalleri (trade), Dalton Prout (trade), Steve Sullivan (retired)

In: Shane Doan (trade), Drew Miller (free agent), Kevan Miller (free agent), Corey Potter (trade), Jon Merrill (trade), Cam Talbot (draft), Lance Bouma (draft), Michael Raffl (draft)

In Place (Key players signed past Season 4)


Brent Seabrook, D; Henrik Zetterberg, LW; Mika Zibanejad, C; Mike Smith, G; Tobias Enstrom, D


Three Questions

1. Can Shane Doan lift the Bears? Rock and Mike Babcock have options on how best to use Shane Doan, the 37-year-old who still has gas in the tank. Doan may not equal last year’s total of 44 points with Stockholm, but his leadership is invaluable. He’s like another coach on the ice, but one whose motivational speech includes blasting an opponent against the boards.

2. Who will be the 4th D? The Bears have to resign Dennis Seidenberg and Anton Babchuk, and if they can’t do that, they have to get quality free  agents or players through trades. Brent Seabrook, Tobias Enstrom and Kimo Timonen will do well as the top 3 blueliners, but after that will be questionable if they don’t retain Seidenburg. (Update: Seidenberg was resigned to a long-term deal on Monday).

3. What about Old McDonald? The Bears should be able to put seven high level forwards on the ice when everyone’s healthy. The key for the whole season might rest on how well the third line plays. If Martin Havlat can stay healthy, like he has the last two seasons, that will help. Andy McDonald, 37, can still contribute, but his production decreased 10 points from Season 1 to Season 2 and about 20 points from Season 2 to Season 3. If that level of deterioration continues, the Bears will be in trouble.


Season                 Place   PTS        PP %      PK %      SPG     SAPG     GPG     GAPG    PIM

Season 3             14         86        18.0     82.6      29.88    30.78       3.2    3.37    11.43

Season 2              11        93        17.9     83.3      30.96    29.66       3.32    3.04    10.09

Season 1             2           119        25.2    83.1      31.87    28.82       3.88    2.73    7.52

Top Draft picks

Season 1: Claude Giroux, RW, currently age 26. GP 240, Pts 295, -25

Season 2: Scott Glennie, C, age 23. GP 0

Season 3: Dalton Prout, D, age 23. GP 81, Pts 17, -10

Season 4: Cam Talbot, G, age 26

Trade History

Season 1 (picks without years listed are from initial draft)

Traded Round 8 pick (used to draft Martin Erat) 2013 Round 1 (Weiyang Zhang) and 2013 Round 2 pick (Leonardo Genoni) to Bratislava for  Round 5 pick (used to draft Kimo Timonen)

Traded Claude Giroux to Frankfurt for Rd 3 pick (Brent Seabrook) and Rd 4 pick (Jason Spezza)

Traded Rd 2 pick (Derek Stepan) to Edinburgh for Rd 3 pick (Daniel Sedin) and Rd 5  pick (Ray Whitney)

Traded Daniel Sedin and Rd 12 pick (Max Talbot) to Oslo for Rd 4 pick (Radim Vrbata) and Rd 6  pick (Johan Franzen)

Traded Rd 10 pick (Devan Dubnyk) to Belfast for Rd 12 pick (Sami Salo)and Rd 24 pick (Douglas Murray)

Traded Rd 14 pick (Matt Cullen), Rd 25 pick (Daniel Paille) and 2013 Rd 3 pick (Nathan Beaulieu) to Minsk for Rd 12 pick (Dan Winnick)

Traded Rd 13 pick (Dmitri Orlov), Rd 19 pick (Carlo Colaiacovo) and 2014 Rd 1 pick (Jake Muzzin) to Paris for Adrian Aucoin

Traded Dan Winnick to Edinburgh for Rd 15 pick (Evgeny Kuznetsov)

Traded Rd 20 pick (Brandon Prust) and Rd 22 pick (Mark Visentin) to Madrid for Sammi Pahlsson

Traded Nicklas Backstrom (goalie) to Geneva for 2013 Rd 3 pick (Scott Glennie), 2014 Rd 3 pick (Tommy Wingels) and $1.5 million

Season 2 – None

Season 3 – None

Season 4

Traded 2017 Rd pick to Minsk for Jon Merrill

Traded Dalton Prout and Mike Cammalleri to Stockholm for Shane Doan, Anton Babchuk and Corey Potter



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