All-Star Game 4: C’mon Southern Conference, show us something

Plans are being made for the fourth annual EURO League all-star game, an event that could be renamed the Northern Conference Showcase Series unless the Southern Conference makes up for its poor performances of the past.

Season 1 in Bratislava: Final score, 7-6 North; MVP – Alexander Burrows, Oslo.

Season 2 in London: Final score, 8-4 North; MVP – Eric Staal, Stockholm.

Season 3 in Copenhagen: Final score, 8-4 North; MVP – Andrei Markov, Moscow.

Here are the specifics for the fourth all-star game:

Date: The event will be held the weekend of Nov. 8-9.

Location: GMs will have until noon (EST) Tuesday, Oct. 27 to vote on where they would like the game to be held. To vote for a city, go to the poll that will be posted on the Websim page tonight or Saturday. Be aware that because WSH has limits on the number of answers that can be attached to a poll, it will be divided into four parts. Please vote for only one city overall, not 4 cities.

There will be a small monetary benefit to hosting the game. The host city will have their average home proceeds added to the revenue side of their balance sheet. In Season 2, for example, London made an extra $1,285,901. The commissioner has noticed that Copenhagen did not get its ticket revenue and will add it to their revenue for this season. Sorry, Dylan.

Rosters: In addition to the location for the game, the players who make up the two teams will be decided by votes of the general managers.

One of Websim Hockey’s great features – polls – will be used to select the host city, but NOT to choose the team rosters for three reasons:
1) There is no way to tell if GMs voted for their own players.
2) Also, if the instructions say “Vote for 3 at each position,” and someone votes for 4 or 5 or 6, there is no way to go back to that GM to have him correct the vote (Limiting the vote to 1 per position would probably not fill out a lineup if there is one clear choice.)
3) And there is no way to have weighted voting, for example, 5 points for your first choice, 3 for your second and 1 for your third.

So the voting procedure will be the same as it was in the past, with GMs sending their ranked choices to the commissioner.

Voting on all positions will become available once the nominees and statistics are posted on this blog, which will be in the next few days. The commissioner will post relevant statistics for all positions on the league forum page as well as the blog at  The statistics posted by the commissioner will pretty much be what you see when you call up Websim’s Statistics page, only divided by conference.

General managers will have until noon (EST) on Nov. 5 to vote for their top 3 at each position (top 5 defensemen) in each conference. Voting will have to be done by messages to the commissioner. GMs may not vote for their own players.

An announcement of the final all-star roster will be made before noon on Nov. 7.

The commissioner will add a player from any team which did not place a player on the team so that every team gets some representation in the game.

All-stars with the highest LD ratings will be considered in the naming of captains for the squads

Coaches: The coaches for each conference team have already been named by a panel of one league official.

The coaches for the all-star game.

The Southern Conference will rest its hopes on Denis Perez (born  April 25, 1965, in Caen, France), who played more games for the French national team than any other player. He competed at five consecutive Olympics from 1988 to 2002 and is currently employed as coach of the Gothiques d’Amiens. The Northern Conference will be coached by Russian great Maxim Sushinsky (born July 1, 1974, in St. Petersburg), who has appeared in more games for the Russian National team than any man in history. A 2000 draft pick of the Minnesota Wild (30 GP, 11 points), his playing career concluded in 2012 with Magnitogorsk in the KHL.

Skills competition: The EURO’s fastest skater, hardest shot, and most accurate shooter will be decided the day before the all-star game.

Previous winners were:
Fastest Skater: Steven Stamkos, Frankfurt (Season 1); Erik Karlsson, Madrid (Season 2); Stamkos, Frankfurt (Season 3)
Hardest Shot: Dustin Byfuglien, Milan (Season 1); Shea Weber, Oslo (Season 2); Shea Weber, London (Season 3)
Accuracy: Dustin Byfuglien, Milan (Season 1); Erik Karlsson, Madrid (Season 2); Kris Letang, Paris (Season 3)

The commissioner will take a player from each pro team roster for each of the 3 competitions. The player with the highest (SP) rating will be entered in the fastest skater contest; the player with the highest (ST+SHO) will vie for hardest shot; and the highest (SHO+PA+FI) will compete for most accurate shooter. Since chance is involved in any game, their totals will be multiplied by a random number between 95 and 100 to determine the outcomes. Winners get no money, but they do get glory and their names in the paper.

The game itself: The commissioner will use the all stars’ stats from the regular season games played closest to the all-star game to produce a box score. Total plus-minus and the goalies’ performances will be used to determine the winner of the game. It won’t be an exact science thing, but which ever conference’s all-stars perform better that weekend will win the game. Goal scorers and assist getters from the regular season games will be thrown onto a spreadsheet and a random number generator will determine who scored and assisted in the all-star game. If a player scores a hat trick in their regular season game, he would have his name appear on the spreadsheet 3 times. If more goals are needed than there are rows on the spreadsheets, then scorers will be picked randomly, so it’s possible an all-star who didn’t score in a week could score in the all-star game.

Player of the game: The commissioner will select a player of the game. He will win a car made by a European car manufacturer and his photo will appear in the game story.


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