The Draft Guide is published

UPDATE: The guide has been sent to your e-mail account.

The commissioner went off the deep end long ago, and while he was down there, he produced the Season 5 EURO League Draft Guide. Now teams out of the playoffs can fantasize about draft day while the league heavyweights slug it out for the Season 4 Cup.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.42.06 PMAvailable as a PDF document and Flip Book, the Guide will profile 96 players, including their photo, nation, age, size, Central Scouting Service (a fake one) ranking and a prediction of how they might do in the league. We also include each player’s favorite movie, just for fun, leaving you with the dilemma of deciding if you would actually draft a guy whose favorite flick is “Les Miserables.”

The Guide also includes the tentative draft order for all three rounds, and tallies of the prospects by age, position and nation.

The photo on this page shows a typical page, with the title banner and “By the Numbers” breakdown section placed over it. Click it for an enlarged version.

Some proof reading needs to be done and then the book will be released.


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