Just a handful of star free agents available

Pickings are a little slim this year, but if you’re a EURO League general manager with money, the free agent sale that will go on from Friday night to Sunday night could bring you a prized part of the team. If you don’t have money, ask Marc-Andre Fleury for some. He’s about to get plenty.

Fleury, London’s goalie, is testing the market with his 85 OV rating, making him the highest-rated player available. Fleury, 31, has an 89.6 save percentage in four years as the Dons’ top guy. London might be fine without him, as they also have Martin Jones, Michal Neuwirth and Steve Mason on the roster.

The highest-rated skater available is offensive wizard Jason Spezza, 32, who had a standout career with the Bern Bears. The center scored more than 80 points each season and twice he topped 100 points.

Goal scoring forwards Thomas Vanek, Patrick Marleau and Tomas Fleischmann are next on the list. They all have shooting ratings of 86 or higher, although none is great defensively. Marleau adds a leadership quality that no other available free agent can.

Speaking of offense-oriented players, Andrei Markov, 36, is the only defenseman on the list capable of playing on a top – or even second – pairing. His defense number is poor, but in two seasons with Spartak, he averaged 43 points per season and he had more takeaways than giveaways. Nicklas Grossman of Edinburgh is the next-best defenseman available and he only played 18 games last year.


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