Season 5 profile: Milan Guerriero HC

ProfileAd Milan

GM: David Bell (2nd GM in team’s history)

Coach: Bruce Boudreau (replaced Randy Carlyle after season 3)

Last season: 22nd overall, out of the playoffs

Ins and Outs (Season 4 to Season 5)

Out: Thomas Vanek (free agent), Derek Roy (free agent), Johnny Boychuk (free agent) Mark Streit (retired)

In: Luca Sbisa (free agent), Par Arlbrandt (draft), Jayce Hawryluk (draft), Lorenzo Maas (draft), Fabian Calovi (free agent)

In Place (Key players signed past Season 5)

Kyle Okposo, RW; Jaden Schwartz, C; Ben Bishop, G, Tyler Johnson, C, Mathis Olimb, LW




Three Questions

1. When will the young Guerriero forwards get going? Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek were big free agent acquisitions last year and the they did indeed do well for Milan. They were the team’s top two scorers. But where did that get the team, really? They finished 22nd overall and were out of the playoff race early. Roy and Vanek were allowed to walk away as free agents this season and General Manager David Bell didn’t go fishing for their replacements. Young forwards will get more ice time (translation: experience) this year. It might be another long winter in northern Italy, but the sun also rises. Bell’s team is another one of those in the Belfast Giants mold. It’s roster is filled with young, high potential skaters practically crawling over themselves to get into games. Take the right wing position for example. Michael Boedker, age 26, has a potential rating of 78. He plays with intensity and is a solid two-way player with good hockey sense. What he can’t do is get into the lineup; and he probably won’t because there are four other right wings his age or younger with higher PO ratings. Milan has 10 forwards with PO ratings of 79 or higher. Just because they are young, that’s not a good reason to coast when the top line of Kyle Okposo, former rookie of the year Niklas Danielsson and Tyler Johnson are out there. Each of them has seasons of 22 goals or more on his resume.

2. What does the defense corps have in store for fans? Milan doesn’t have the potential on defense that it does on offense. The team’s best defender is well-traveled Luca Sbisa, an Italian, by the way, who was traded once and not resigned as a Type 2 free agent in Oslo.  He just arrived in Milan this week after being signed as a free agent. Milan really need a defenseman like him. In Oslo last season, Sbisa dished out 232 hits and blocked 104 shots. And he’s young at age 25, which seems to be a pre-requisite now for putting on a Guerriero sweater. His young age and his impressive defensive stats explain why Bell used $9 million of his cap gap to snare him. Dan DeKeyser, T.J. Brennan and Thomas Hickey are part of the long-term Italian plan, and they will learn a lot this season, although they might not experience as many wins as they will want. Trevor Daley and Andrew MacDonald are two good guys who make up the rest of the starting lineup and they will be looked at to guide the young defensemen through the season.

3. Who’s the goalie and why? The Milan goal is supposed to be the domain of Ben Bishop, now and in the foreseeable future. Bishop is used to playing about 60 games per season and stopping the puck at a rate of about 88.3 percent. Alex Stalock was an excellent backup to Bishop last season. In fact, he had a better save percentage than the tall guy did. Bishop and Stalock are only 28 and 27 years old, respectively, and on Type 2 contracts, so they aren’t a threat to leave anytime soon. They have incentive to perform though, because as the team in front of them improves, the question will arise as to whether either can be good enough to backstop the team when its forwards are blowing through EURO defensemen like locust. If the answer is no for both of them, then that means one of them will be a new goalie’s backup and the other will be in the unemployment line.

Josh History

Season                 Place        PTS        PP %      PK %      SPG        SAPG     GPG     GAPG    PIM

Season 4              22         65          15.3        78.0       27.98      34.23    2.72        3.88               9.82

Season 3              22          62          13.3        81.3       26.88     31.39     2.72        3.71                11.62

Season 2              16          86         15.7        84.1       32.62     28.82     3.33        3.32                12.68

Season 1              7          101          19.8        85.6        31.23     27.30    3.74        3.15                11.41

Top Draft picks

Season 1: Gabriel Landeskog, LW, current age 23. Games played: 326; points: 305; -82

Season 2: Gerhard Unterluggauer, D, age 31. GP 221, Pts 108, +25

Season 3: Ben Bishop, G, age 28. GP 117, Save Pct. 88.3

Season 4: Tyler Johnson, C, age 24.  GP 82, Pts  48, -59

Season 5: Par Arlbrandt, RW, age 21.

Trade History

Season 1 (picks without years listed are from initial draft)

Traded Round 6 pick (used to draft David Perron), Round 21 pick (Mike Green) and 2013 Round 1 pick (Ossi Vaananen) to Paris for Round 3 pick (used to draft Dustin Byfuglien), Round 20 pick, and Round 26 pick (Jeff Woywitka)

Traded Gabriel Landeskog to Madrid for Dustin Brown, Round 10 pick (Trevor Daley) and Round pick (Chris Kreider)

Traded Round 20 pick (Jonathan Bernier) and Round 22 pick (Jakub Kindl) to St. Petersburg for Round 18 pick (Brandon Gormley)

Traded Round 20 pick (David Steckel) to Bratislava for 2013 Round 2 pick (later traded) (Olexander Podbyedonostsev)

Traded Andrew Cogliano to Edinburgh for 2013 Round 2 pick (Gerhard Unterluggauer)

Traded Zbynek Michalek and Jaroslav Spacek to Dublin for 2013 Round 2 pick (Niklas Danielsson) and $1.35 million

Traded Jordan Staal, Chris Kreider, 2013 Round 2 pick (Jonas Brodin) and $250,000 to Madrid for Henrik Sedin

Traded Brad Boyes to Athens for 2013 Round 3 pick (Magnus Johansson)

Traded Nik Antropov, 2013 Round 2 pick (Olexander Podbyedonostsev) and 2013 Round 3 pick (Matthew Dumba) to Helsinki for Jamie McGinn

Traded Viktor Stalberg, 2014 Round 1 pick (Cam Atkinson) and $1 million to St. Petersburg for Daniel Alfredsson

Traded Brian Rolston to Madrid for 2013 Round 2 pick (later traded) (Eliezer Sherbatov)

Traded Dustin Penner to Oslo for 2014 Round 3 (later traded) (Samuel Morin)

Season 2

* unknown. Might be as many as 5 trades

Season 3

Traded Dustin Brown and 2014 Round 2 pick (Marcus Foligno) to Stockholm for Kyle Okposo and 2014 Round 1 pick (Brendan Gallagher)

Details are sketchy but Milan made trades that sent Ryan Callahan to Berlin, Dustin Byfuglien to Athens and Mike Richards to Stockholm, receiving in return, Jaden Schwartz, Marcus Krieger, Matt Read, Joel Armia, a first-round pick and two second-round picks. David, if you have better records, we can correct it.

Traded Dimitrios Kalyvas to Athens for Johnny Boychuk

Traded Gerhard Unterluggauer and Matt Read to Berlin for Joakim Lindstrom and Mathis Olimb

Traded Magnus Johansson to Stockholm for Thomas Hickey

Traded Antti Niemi to Gothenburg for 2015 Round 1 and 2015 Round 3 picks

Season 4

After the start of Season 5:

Signed Sean Bergenheim (free agent)

Traded Jonathan Blum to Copenhagen for Brian Campbell and 2018 Round 3 pick


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