Bratislava’s Myers suspended; coach not happy

Tyler Myers, the league’s top goal scorer among defensemen, will sit a game following a spearing incident in a game in Paris on Tuesday. About halfway through the first period, Myers and Paris center Sergei Zinovjev pushed and shoved each other in front of the Bratislava net and Myers used the tip of his stick to jab Zinovjev in the upper left arm. Myers drew a five-minute penalty that his team killed off and he was kicked out of the game.

Sepp Blatter, the league’s director of player discipline, announced Myers would be suspended one game. The big defenseman will miss a trip to Berlin on Friday to play the Smurfs.

Tyler Myers, Bratislava Eagles

Tyler Myers, Bratislava Eagles

Sergei Zinovjev, Paris Rouges Eiffels

Sergei Zinovjev, Paris Rouge Eiffels

Zinovjev dropped to the ice after the spear but he was apparently not injured badly enough to miss any action. He played 10 minutes, which is a minute more than did the wings on his checking line – Colton Gillies and Nathan Gerbe.

“I know it’s only one game, but c’mon” said Bratislava coach Brent Sutter, reacting to the suspension. “Our guy paid his dues and was kicked out of the game. Their guy – I can’t even pronounce his name – didn’t miss a shift and he wasn’t exactly an angel out their while Myers had to watch him from the press box. I think Myers was sufficiently punished already and I don’t understand why he got an extra game.”

Blatter said the league is simply making a statement that such on-ice behavior won’t be tolerated. “Bratislava has resorted to dirty tricks whenever they play in Paris, going back to a Season 3 playoff game when they inserted Patrick Kaleta and Antoine Roussel into the starting lineup,” Blatter said. “Maybe they’ll tone it down a little their next trip into Paris.”


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