Blatter announces two more suspensions

Sepp Blatter has two more player suspensions to announce.

On Friday, 23-year-old Stefan Ulmer, an Austrian playing for the Smurfs, received a match penalty for spearing at the same time Bern’s Olli Malmivaara sustained a hernia injury. We’ll let you connect the dots and draw your own picture of what happened on the play. Berlin Coach Adam Oates claimed afterward he does not instruct his players “to play that ugly style of hockey.” Still, Ulmer had to learn it somewhere. Oates’ boss, Guybrush Threepwood could not be reached for comment on the incident all weekend and earlier today.

Sepp Blatter, the league’s Director of Player Safety and Discipline, said he did receive communication from Threepwood in the form of a package delivery. Ulmer’s suspension was subsequently set at one-half of a game. Commissioner Chuck Massaro then rounded the half-game suspension up to a full game suspension.

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Massaro, who also wears the GM hat in Bratislava, has had suspension issues of his own to deal with this season. On Sunday against Moscow, a Bratislava player received a match penalty for injurying an opponent and it was the third time already in Season 6 that Blatter has had to rule on a Bratislava player’s actions. The game against Moscow was the last of a 4-game suspension that right winger Troy Brouwer had to serve for injuring Josef Vasicek of Paris with a slash to the Easter eggs. Earlier in the season, Bratislava’s Shawn Matthias was suspended for 2 games after a check from behind on Lisbon’s Clarke MacArthur.

On Sunday, Wei Yang Zhang – the Chinese Lucic – became the latest Bratislava player to feel the wrath of Sepp Blatter. Zhang, who is fourth on the team in scoring, will sit for 5 games following a second-period slashing incident that prompted a match penalty and caused a pretty serious leg injury to Anton Stralman, Spartak defenseman. Zhang will miss away games in Paris and Bern and home games against Munich, Berlin and Moscow. He will be eligible to return when the Eagles visit Paris on Dec. 18 (WSH Time). Matt Frattin replaces Zhang in the Bratislava lineup, just as he replaced Matthias and Brouwer when they were suspended. Thirty-year-old Adam McQuaid has been inserted into the Moscow lineup to replace Stralman.

NOTE: I won’t have time to write a weekend round up of games today.



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