Blatter responds to cookie incident

Sometimes, EURO League news is made off the ice, and that usually happens come playoff time. The league’s director of player safety and discipline, Sepp Blatter, announced Wednesday morning that league secretary and accountant Rose has been placed on administrative leave for an unspecified time.


The only known photo of Rose.

Speaking from Rudolf Scheer & Söhne ( a high-end men’s fashion store in Vienna, Blatter said, “The safety of all EURO players is paramount and we cannot allow anyone – league official or not – to compromise any player’s health because doing so could sway the outcome of a game. Especially now, when the playoffs have just begun, I need to be exceptionally vigilant and well dressed.”


On Monday, Berlin defeated Lisbon thanks to a late goal scored by Erik Forssell, a fourth-line player. After the game, Berlin General Manager Guybrush Threepwood posted, “Take


Erik Forssell, Berlin Smurfs

that, Rose. Fourth line player Forsell scored the game winner with three minutes left and proved that OV 68 players while playing out of their position can make the difference.” Blatter noted that Rose is usually an excellent cook and baker and he assumed she must have intentionally put something in the cookies to make someone ill. The cookies were delivered to Threepwood, who was in the process of proclaiming the 21-year-old Forssell as the most talented hockey player on the planet. The GM honored Forssell by giving him the gift of cookies. Soon after learning of Forssell’s tummy ache, Threepwood tracked down Blatter claiming his team has taken a crippling blow.The two executives met in private and without seeking any other testimony or evidence, Blatter announced that Rose would not be allowed access to any league paperwork or players until Blatter is satisfied the matter is over and done with. He also said, “Check out these shoes.”

Rose sought assistance from Commissioner Chuck Massaro, asking if Blatter had the authority to take such actions and if so, would the commissioner be willing to overrule him. Rose said, “The commissioner looked confused and said, ‘I’m not sure if he has the authority, but I’m kind of afraid to ask him if he does.’”


Attorney Nathan Thurm

Rose has hired attorney Nathan Thurm (—nathan-thurm/n9331) to represent her in her attempt to resume working for the league.

Massaro called the cookie incident “much less disturbing or important as the Gustl kidnapping.” (



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