Edinburgh’s Demers suspended

In Friday’s 6-3 London win in Edinburgh, Jason Zucker, a speedy winger for the Dons, had the puck and was skating down the wing alone when he stopped and posed for Snapchat taken by his girlfriend who had made the trip to Scotand to watch him play.  He waved and smiled for the photo, slowly stickhandling the puck at his feet. Jason Demers of the Capitals decided it was a good opportunity for a full-speed photo bomb, earning himself a match penalty in the process. He strided into Zucker and sent him flying about 10 feet, Zucker landed awkwardly, injuring his left arm. He is expected to miss 2 to 3 weeks and has been replaced in the lineup by Ryan Spooner who has not played a game in the league yet.

“Demers didn’t have to hit him that hard,” said EURO Commissioner Chuck Massaro. “He completely ruined the girl’s photo. Not nice.”

Emerging form a meeting with London GM Rodney Carringer, Sepp Blatter, who issues suspensions as the league Director of Discipline and Player Safety, said Demers will be removed from Edinburgh’s lineup for 3 games. “We don’t want our players ruining snapchats, videos or any other photos. It’s as simple as that,” Blatter said.

Zucker, meanwhile, got into an argument with his girlfriend over the ruined photo and it is beleived the two have split.


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