Big hit injures two; one suspended

;Sepp Blatter, the EURO League’s director of discipline and player safety, announced another player suspension as Madrid will have to go without forward Andrew Cogliano for two games.

They would probably have had to go without him anyway because it was disclosed after Sunday’s game that he sustained an upper body injury, perhaps on the play in which he injured Mike Green of the Berlin Smurfs.

Cogliano was forechecking and Green was skating with the puck behind the Berlin net. As Green emerged from behind the net, Cogliano blasted him with what Berlin Coach Adam Oates argued was a perfectly legal check. The referee saw it differently and felt Cogliano seemed to be trying to injure Green. Cogilano received a match penalty and was ejected from the game. Blatter also seemed to buy into the intent to injure philosophy, but refused to comment further because he had some personal banking matters to attend to.

The collision left Green with a groin injury that will keep him out of the lineup for more than a week. He must have quite the groin because Cogliano injured his upper body on the play.



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