Rose takes control; issues suspensions

Two match penalties were issued in games played Saturday and suspensions have been announced by EURO League Accountant and Secretary Rose. Sepp Blatter, the EURO League’s director of player safety and discipline, is normally the one who issues such penalties, but he was unreachable by phone.

“Sepp left me and the commissioner alone in the office last week and we don’t exactly know where he is right now,” Rose explained. “He said he was going to Monaco to research safety and then a few days later he said he was extending his stay by a day. That was three days ago.”

Logan Couture of the Athens Greeks was issued a two-game suspension for an elbow that left Edinburgh defenseman Alexander Sulzer injured, probably for the remaining two weeks of the season. Athens is in a heated race for playoff positions in the Southern Conference.

In Zurich, Lions assistant captain Patrice Bergeron checked Carl Gunnarsson into the boards from behind and was given a match penalty with just 1:49 to play. Gunnarsson hurt his wrist but remained on the bench for the remaining time and is not expected to miss a game. “Patrice didn’t even have to serve 2 minutes for that dangerous hit and even though Gunnarsson was not hurt too badly, Bergeron should be suspended a game,” Rose said.


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