Draft lottery could be held Tuesday

The draft lottery for the EURO League’s Season 8 draft could be held as early as Tuesday*, a fact which surely has some ears perked in Switzerland and the British Isles.

The eight teams that finished out of the playoffs last season all still hold their first round picks in the draft and all could land the top pick and a chance to draft a promising goaltender like Canadian Matt Murray or Finn Juuse Saros, or a highly rated forward like Switzerland’s Nico Hischier or Canadians Brayden Point, Nolan Patrick or Connor Brown. There are also several good defensemen available near the top of the draft, but they show up slightly lower in the ISS rankings.

The three Swiss teams all have a chance to pick first, but Bern has the best chance of anyone, having finished last in Season 7 by a whisker. London placed 23rd and has a new general manager this season. Here are the teams that finished in the bottom 8 last year, with Bern having the best odds to pick first, then London, and so on.

  • Bern
  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Prague
  • Oslo
  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • St. Petersburg

UPDATE: Oslo jumped over 4 teams to win the first overall pick and Zurich slid ahead of Geneva.

Unlike the NHL Draft lottery, Websim gives teams a chance to move up even after the team with the first pick is announced. A drawing is also held for the next pick that can be affected. No team can drop more than one spot on the draft list, so in London’s case, they could move up and get the first pick, or drop to third.

Here are the rules for the draft lottery, copied and pasted from the Websim Game Guide:

9.5- For the 8 teams that were excluded from the playoffs, there is a lottery to determine their draft order

9.6- The lottery does not affect the 2nd round.

9.7- The probabilities of the lottery are (from the worst to the best team who missed the playoffs) : 22.22% – 19.44% – 16.67% – 13.89% – 11.11% – 8.33% – 5.56% – 2.78%. In leagues with only 12 teams, the probabilities are : 50% – 25% – 15% – 10%.

9.8- A team cannot lose more than one rank in this lottery.

9.10- Ex.: The team that finished 22nd wins the lottery, and will draft 1st overall. The teams that finished 23rd and 24th will automatically be allocated the ranks #2 and #3, because they can’t lose more than one rank. After that, rank #4 is allocated using the lottery among the 5 remaining teams, and so on.

9.11- The probability of winning the lottery for the remaining ranks is pro-rated.

*We’re just waiting for a GM who said he would take the the team to log on and accept the invitation.


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