Farm club affiliations in the works

8 first clubs

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EURO League teams are finalizing affiliations with their farm clubs. For more information, see message in Websim sent Monday by the commissioner. Here is a list of EURO teams and their farm clubs (subject to change):

Athens – Monaco Gamblers
Belfast – Belfast City Bruins
Berlin – Kolner (Germany) Haie
Bern – EHC Vaduz (Lichtenstein)
Bratislava – Vienna (Austria) Capitals
Copenhagen – Malmo (Sweden) Redhawks
Dublin – Cool Mokum Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Edinburgh – Glasgow (Scotland) Claymores
Geneva – Luxembourg Castles
Gothenburg – Aalborg (Denmark) Pirates
Helsinki – Tampere (Finland) Tappara
Lisbon – HC Porto (Portugal)
London – Tottenham (England) Templars
Madrid – FC Barcelona (Spain)
Milan – H.C. Bolzano-Bozen (Italy) Foxes
Minsk – Vitebsk (Belarus) Bears
Moscow – St. Petersburg (Russia) Dynamo
Munich – Hamburg (Germany) Freezers
Oslo – Bergen (Norway) Bandits
Paris – Paris (France) Francais Volants
Prague – MAC Budapest (Hungary)
St. Petersburg – Sibir Novosibirsk (Russia)
Stockholm – Stockholm (Sweden) Sun Towers
Zurich – Venice (Italy) Griffins


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